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U-52's web-dock!

Welcome to this section of my site about my favourite U-boat, the U-52 of the German Kriegsmarine.  The U-52 is one of the boats belonging to the famous Type VII U-boats, which were recognized as "grey wolves of the Atlantic" and fought with distinction to cut off supplies that almost brought Britain to the brink of starvation in WWII.  Feel free to browse this section and learn more about the U-boat that has inspired me to learn about this subject!
Why U-52?
The name of this U-boat is a coindence really, it all happened a year ago when my friend Mark O'Neil and I decided to build an RC model of a WWII U-boat.  The idea was set and all that was needed was a name or number.  A neat way was to put the lucky numbers of both of us together, so the number "52" was born!  A nice way to choose a U-boat's number hunh? ;)  After I moved away and decided to tackle the project alone, I've begun to learn more and more about this boat and U-boat History every time I put on a new piece on the model.
This is not only a site about a model U-boat, but a site dedicated to the U-boat men lost at sea, never to come back home.  The crew of the U-52 suffered losses alike, and it is a priviledge to learn about this boat and the U-boat War itself.

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