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This section of the site will include the different sub-movies that I have seen, both submarine and 20000 Leagues Under The Sea related.  Note the comments are my own PERSONAL opinions only, other might disagree with what I think however.


This is Disney's 1954 version of Jules Vernes's classic, although the plot of the story has been changed it is still worth watching.  This one THE best movies that I have ever seen and it's certainly an eye-popper, although the movie was made in the 50's, the special effects used are incredible to come up at that time.  I have seen this movie for I don't know how many times, and each time the Nautilus and its captain never gave up their best performance!  Get the DVD, the TONS of extra features are certainly worth the price.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is about characters from classic novels, Allan Quatermain (King Solomon's mines), Captain Nemo (20000 Leagues), Mina Hawkers (Dracula), an invisible man named Skinner (based on the novel by H.G. Wells), Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (Robert-Louis Stevenson's novel, Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde) and Dorian Gray (The picture of Dorian Gray) trying to stop the antagonist masked vilain "The Phantom" from starting a World War (eventually turns to be WWI).  While the time period of the story might not respect each character's original story setting, this is one of the most unique movies I've seen, if you like action and adventure, watch it!  Gotta love that Nautilus!         


When America has launched its own fleet of Nuclear Ballistic Subs (SSBNs), the USSR desperately keeps on to catch up with the nuclear race.  With the launch of its own first SSBN, the Hotel class submarine K-19 is considered one of the most advanced subs made at that time.  During one of its missile launching excercises, Captain Mikael Polenin (played by actor Liam Neeson) failed to impress his officials due to a flaw in the launching procedure, the Soviet officials in turn, ordered Captain Alexei Vostrikov (Harrison Ford)  to be K-19's new captain, depromoting Polenin to his old rank.  However, due to the Soviet's desperate want to win the nuclear race, and shoddy workmanship, the K-19 is full of fateful surprises that will keep the crew busy for along time!  Including its horrible HEN nuclear reactor that causes one of the worst submarine disasters in Soviet history. I you have seen this movie before, you might agree with me here, K-19 is not only a story about submarines, it's a story about human compassion for each other and man's love for their country, if you haven't seen this movie, I recommend to do so.
-Warning, some disturbing images.   

What do you get when you put an ultranationalist leader who has a nuclear weapon arsenal against a nuclear submarine with warheads that have the power to destroy the world?  Potential nuclear holocaust!!  Crimson Tide follows the story of Jack Hunter, US Navy X.O. (Executive Officer) who's been assigned to the USS Alabama, commanded by Cpt. James Ramsey


During WWII, the German Enigma secret coding machines has brought its U-boat fleet to the best of their stealth and secrecy.  But when a German U-boat is stranded in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with its engines broken, it is up a team of American submariners to stop and capture the downed German crew and the Enigma.  Upon arrival, the team of sailors (including its Executive Officer, played by Matthew McConaughey) are dressed up in German submarine uniforms to attempt an assault on the u-boat crew, but when their own submarine is suddenly torpedoed by another u-boat, the sailors are left stranded on the u-boat in desperate need to survive, from battling with other u-boats and getting chased by a destroyer, this movie will keep your eyes open for a long time.  Although not really historically accurate, since it was the British's idea of capturing Enigma coding machines and there was not really any credits to the British until ending credit dedications, but despite all this, it's still a u-boat movie, you want action and you want submarine?  Check this one out!
-Warning, some foul languages are present.


This is gotta be THE BEST U-boat movie ever made, from the reviews I've seen on this movie, the critics all agreed on one point: this movie is awesome.  After I've seen it, I must say that you cannot disagree with them!  Das Boot is a movie about the mission of U-96, a u-boat sent into the Atlantic to forfil her commands.  We as bystanders (I say bystanders because the camera focuses alot on what happens in side the u-boat, YOU are part of the crew!), watch the men inside deal with the different aspects of war, to see young sailors come aboard a submarine seeking adventure and only seeing them returned fully grown with beards is a truly phenomenal experience. In watching this movie, you will learn what war is all about... this is NOT a movie to be missed.
A note about the movie:  Das Boot was filmed in Germany (original language is German) and is one of the most expensive movies made at that time, some DVD versions of the film include the English soundtrack and subtitles.
-Warning, some scenes might not be suitable for children.

More movies will be coming soon...