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Are you searching for a version of 20000 Leagues?  There are several versions available, but here, I'm putting on the best versions I think.


This the Bantam Edition of 20000 Leagues, it is the first english version I ever read and I should say that it is really well translated, Anthony Bonner's translations are the first english translated version appeared in America, with a introduction by Ray Bradbury, this version is a good choice for a first read.
Another Classic, The Mysterious Island is the sequel to 20000 Leagues, this absolutely my all time favourite novel, The Modern Library's edition combines the 3 books of the series into a whole book, translated by Jordan Stump, with the names of the original characters, this book is an absolute must-own for JV fans.


Other related books by the same author:


Well, I haven't read this version yet, Journey to the Center of The Earth is about three men doing the impossible, going into the planet in to a volcano and coming out in another.  It is a true story of adventure, the relationship between an oncle and his nephew, and many other weird happenings.  Note: Some versions have the characters' name changed, to spot this, here's a hint:  In the real version, the oncle's name is Professor Lindenbrock, the nephew's name is Axel, however if the name of these person are : Professor Hardwigg, and Harry, then you've got a changed version.

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