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On this page I'll include links related to my site

Here is my favourite Nautilus site, done by Michael Crisafulli perfect for fans!

A catalog of the Nautilus designs.

Another site about 20k. That I like.

Area 51

Andrew Nash's excellent website on Jules Verne is a very resourceful website for any JV fans check it out at :


Bob Martin has a terrific website on his fully-operational RC model of the Nautilus (Disney). You HAVE to go there! Its a must-visit! Oh yeah, don't forget to take a look at his wallpapers... they are really one-of-a kind ones.

Nautilus Drydocks

Leelan Lampkins's website about his models, info about about his Nautilus models and lots more!  It's nice to see someone who's also building an N with his own plans!

Nautilus Models Ahoy!

Looking for information about Rc subs? Check out Frank Ryan's great Subconcepts website on: