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My 1/100th scale RC Nautilus

Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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Well folks, this is it! Every event of my life has led up to this moment, the Nautilus has it own page!  This is my very FIRST RC-Submarine and I want you to go through what I went into every step of the way, please enjoy this section of the site, as I once said,
        "The sandstones of time are evoked to man's wonder, the poets of the sea are brought to the deepest corner, oceans swell, waves over yonder, behold the all its splendor!!"

The Nautilus project was started during the summer of 2003, and it took over a year to complete, the sub itself has been quite a challenge for me, with over 20 re-modifications and re-designings, the sub was finally completed in Autumn 2004 sadly, coming on to winter...  
Still until to today there are still things I want to improve on the boat, with future additions of rear fins, lighting and many more features, this sub is bound to keep me busy for a long time!
Here are some sections you might want to visit:

The Nautilus Model Story

Plans of the ship

Rudder and Diving-plane mechanisms


Deck Awash!!!!!!

All ahead!!

The Nautilus's Picture Gallery


Picture of the Nautilus sitting on my back porch, this boat is dynamic diving with a 2 channel radio, I plan to add rear diving planes in the future according to the Nautilus's sea trials. 

Page currently under construction!