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The WTB (Water Tight Box)
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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Most RC-Submariners are familiar with the term WTC meaning, Water Tight Cylinder or Container.  Since the N has a "box" type WTC for the main electronics comparment, why not call it WTB? :)

The Nautilus was originally meant to a a dry-hull type submarine, that means that the submarine's body itself is the water tight compartment, but after seeing the different areas I'll have to seal, it was much easier to make a series of WTCs (Water tight containers, compartments or cylinders) and make the hull free-flooding.  After the WTC building period, I have divided the different sections as follows:
Forward WTC -> divingplane servo-motor, receiver + battery, rudder wires.
Rear WTC -> main motor battery, divingplane switch wires.
WTC/WTB, call it whatever you like but everything stays the same!