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Nautilus Propulsion Unit
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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 Look Mom!  It goes too!  Well, what's an RC-Sub without the running stuff?   This page is all about what's keeping the sub runnin'!  

 Any RC submarine needs speed, whether it's a research sub or a full scale military underwater steel monster, the propulsion unit is a one of the main features of any boat.  For a sea ravaging steel shark like the Nautilus, ramming ships along the way, it's gotta have sort of a kick! 
 For the motor, I took it out from an old VCR and tried various battery voltages, a nine volt battery seemed to be a good choice.  The motor works with a direct drive to the propeller shaft and since it's a brushless motor, not a lot of sound is generated. 
 Propeller is 3 bladed (although in the novel the prop is 4 bladed, I plan to change that in the future), I got it from a plastic fan and painted it gold.    

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