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Deck Accessories
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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A great and famous ship like the Nautilus has to have something to show on the surface!  Here are the things I put on my sub's hull.  


 Above: from left to right: 
1. Railing:  This is one of my favourite parts of the sub, the stand and railing are scratchbuilt, the stand is made from plastic styrene and the railing is made from pieces of wood, I coloured them gold and they kinda look metallic.  The stand is detachable, and to fix it in place, I installed latches to keep it in place.
2. Lantern:  This structure on the hull is the provider of light, I'm planning to install a light bulb inside the lantern and run wires connecting to the central WTC (Water Tight Cylinder), this unit is also removable.   

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