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Model Story
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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The building of this model was a long process, this section is about how the idea of an RC submarine such as the Nautilus came to me in the first place.  Do not confuse this with the origin of Design 2002 (see the Different Designs page).


   The idea of an RC submarine was a dream to me until I stumbled on the SubCommittee’s website during the year 2002, before that, everything from an RC Nautilus to a fully static diving Kilo sub was the future. Before the Nautilus was fully completed, I started building another static model of the N after I’ve read the full version of 20K. I wanted to avoid the building of a mold, and master model because my experience in fiberglassing and basic epoxy/polyester modelling was 0, I wanted to building the static N model with the frame and skin method and paper was the perfect material or cardstock if I may say so.


   Unfortunately, I didn’t have a digital camera back then, I couldn’t take any pictures. The building of the model was slow and because of the different projects I was involved in at the time, the model wasn’t even completed after the summer of 2003. During that summer, I spent most of the free time I had by surfing various RC-Sub related websites, I don’t know how but I was thinking of building an RC boat when suddenly, the idea of an RC Nautilus was born.

   I began thinking about building my RC Nautilus in the simplest way possible, dynamic diving with 2 channel radio. Since most dynamic diving boats require a minimum of 3 channels, some sort of mechanism had to be invented to control the motor, and diving planes at the same time (see the Nautilus Mechanisms page).   The building of the ship took about over a year until this November while I am adding the finally touches on my sub, the Nautilus is scheduled to be cruisin' the lake in the beginning of Spring 2005.  I will update this ection of the site as frequently as I can, so please enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed building my subs!  

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