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Different Designs

Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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"Design 2002"
My First

I've started to build and design my own version of the Nautilus in January 2003( When I started to read 20'000 Leagues Under The Sea.) At first, I had one design, since I couldn't find any name for it, so I've decided to simply call it: "Design 2002."  
...... Ok, that was before but I've made new drawings of the sub here's a little update.

Here's a precise drawing of it:

The New Nautilus has a few things added to its old design:
Here are the changes, according to the dots:
blue:  Wheelhouse
green:  Diving planes
red:  Future add-on, stern planes/ stabilizers
orange:  Four bladed propeller
You may notice the elevated curve from the end of the lighthouse to the top of the back fin, I added this because while building the model, I found that the upper fin column was topo thin to support any weight, the new elevated curve provide more rigidity and a way cooler look!!!!

The origin of Design 2002
          Ok, you may think that I designed this design in one day after I had read the chapter "Some Figures" but there's a really interesting story that came before that I had drawn this "shark of steel".....
          It all begun in Autumn 2000 ( 3 years ago), I was looking for a interesting novel to read in my past time in the library. When I came across a really nice illustrated french version of 20000 Leagues Under The Sea. I had to borrow it, the name Jules Verne had intrigued me for years! But the bad thing is that the the book I borrowed was the 2nd Part. Well, I thought 20000 Leagues was written as one book altogether but I was mistaken ( Awwwwww... If  I could just get my hands on one of that version, or both.) the book had some nice pictures of the characters and the events that occured.... but one of the pictures fascinated me right at that moment... It was the picture of a shark shaped vessel that had a picture of Captain Nemo in front of it. So it really inspired me to actuall try to recreate the story and events by starting on a model of that sub. But my attempts where unsuccessful the model didn't look like what the book had described it, of course, it was the second part so I couldn't really obtain the exact shape or dimensions the author had described.
          So it was a bit of a confusion since my sub didn't really look like the one in the book, but I had fun building it anyway ( ahhh... I could still remember how it looked like...). So when I finished the novel, I returned it ( that's what you have to do right?) and since reading 20000 Leagues was fascinating, I soon borrowed "From the Earth to the Moon", same author. and it was as exiting as the real thing. Then a couple of moths or years passe until November 2003, I went to the local library to see if there's any thing I can read  when I came across an abridged version of "Journey to the Center of The Earth". I had seen the movie by then but I wondered if the novel is just as exiting as the picture.
            So I finally finished the novel by January 2003, ( I had to visit some of my friends back in Montreal, Qc for Christmas, good old french-speaking people outhere). So as soon as I finished it, I borrowed a 1987? edition of 20000 Leagues that I saw when I first borrowed "Journey to the Center of the Earth" so I began reading it..... and reading it until the chapter where Captain Nemo and Aronnax sits down on a couch and reveals the exact dimensions of the Nautilus! After reading that chapter, I decided to take the plounge once more: to design the Nautilus as I really wanted it to be! The book included both parts of the story so I had a pretty good chance there. So when the plans were first drawn, I was surprised how realistic it looked like ( it was like I was looking at the french version right at that moment!). Then, after a few adjustments and corrections, the first successful design of the Nautilus was finally complete. But when it came to put the picture on the web, I needed a name for it, so I decided to name it Design 2002 since I was working on Design 2003 at that time too, and Design 2002 came before it.
             So, until today, I am still working and retracing my steps as I first did, on a nice, calm night in Autumn 2000.

Send an e-mail and tell me how you first became a fan of Nautilus.