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My Nautilus' Interior

Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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Just one guy's opinion, I came up with this interior layout when I read the book, most of the information was gotten off the four chapters in the book, "The Man of the Seas", "The Nautilus", "Some Figures" and "All by Electricity".  All in the first part of the book. 

As you might have noticed, my Nautilus has a unique "dorsal fin" design which gives it a shark shape.  As Jules Verne mentionned, the Nautilus is upposed to have a cigar shape with tapered ends, and a spur at the very bow.  Since I actually read the second part of the story first rather than the frst one, I had no idea how the ship looked.  But this design has its own advantages:
  • Unique shape
  • Side fins and dorsal fin give the sub a more "organic" look
  • Lots of improvement can be made by adjusting the details and shape in the future.
  •  Verne described the sub looking like a marine animal from a distance. With a giant shark fin, who wouldn't be surprised?


By reading the book again but this time in the correct order, I was able to adjust the interior with this drawing:


Sorry about the quality of the image, I had to limit the resolution for the site's size limit.  Anyways, here are my descriptions:
Going in order from Left to right:
First box from the left: Captain Nemo's room, Aronnax's room is parrallel to it on the other side.
Second box: the Lounge, a door sperates it from the Library.
Third box:  Library, a door is located to enter the dinning room.
Fourth: Dinning room, I believe there is a double door that leads into the hall way behind it.
Fifth: the hallway where Aronnax first left from the cell and headed into the dinning room.
Sixth:  The cell where Aronnax and company first slept in the Nautilus.
Seventh: Engine room containing machinery and everything else allowing the N to dive and function.
Although if you may have noticed, my Nautilus has a double floor design, I felt that it might have been more logical to have the central companionway, the galley and the helmsman compartment all on the top floor and also I can see the newly added deck platform and lantern on the surface.
I figured that the dinghy would be more logical if place between the raised deck and the lantern because it might take up some space on the deck space.  Verne described that the dinghy is between the wheel house and the lantern.  But if the railling could be lowered this might help justify the case.

Would you like to tour this magnificent ship? I managed to create a 2D tour using the Bitmap software,  now!