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How to simulate the Nautilus in your own house

Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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The following page is a story similar to one of the stories found on the Submarine Store website (  I thought it might be interesting to "Nautilize" the article in my own way! 

1.  Bolt the windows of your house shut and only open the roof window every morning.
2.  Don't pay your water and electricity bills for the rest of your life and ignore your mail.
3.  Have your family call you Captain every time they see you.
4.  Buy a can of fabric paint and paint a big "N" on your bed sheet.
5.  Go to your corner antique store and buy as much 19th century paintings as you can find and hang them in your living room.
6.  Buy fake pearls and place in a display case in the center of your living room.
7.  Cover your doors with sheets of metal, and make sure they give a big clank when they close.
8.  Buy a really large aquarium and fix it to you window, be sure to get fish and algae!
9.  Get accustomed to eating seafood all your life.
10.  Throw out your TV and other electronic appliances.
11.  Get used diesel engines and fix them to your basement wall, remember, this is the engine room!
12.  Buy as much used books as you can find and stuff your bookshelf full.
13.  Paint your windows a shade of blue.
14.  Get scuba diving gear and mix your pool's water with salt.
15.  Hire a stewart and ask him to prepare dinner and bring it to you every meal time.
16.  Ignore phone calls and pretend the telephone ring is the emergency dive alarm.
17.  When in winter, go to the roof of your house 3 times a day and pretend that you're looking for the South Pole.
18.  Buy a really large fish, drop it into your pool, go out every morning with a stick to try to nail it.
19.  Set your electricity switch to go off at random times and when it does that, make your familiy memebers shout: "Low power Captain!"
20.  Duct tape TV sets to your car windows and make sure you play underwater scenery videos while you drive.
Well, that's about everything we think of when discussing this subject.  If you're a home renovating kind of guy, THIS IS YOUR NEXT PROJECT!!! 
P.S.:  If you're 20000 Leagues fans and wuold like to add to this topic, please do not hesistate to Contact Me, and I'll be more than willing to add your suggestions to this list!!! 

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