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Movie and Story Comparisons

Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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  One of the most amazing movies from the 20th century is probably Disneys version of 20000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954), which won 2 Oscars for special effect, according to the records, 20000 Leagues was one of the most expensive movies of that time, even exceeding Gone with the Wind, another great movie of that time. What I liked about the movie was the Nautilus and its captain. Here is why: 


The Nautilus:


 The Disney Nautilus was created by Harper Goff, the movies designer. And it proved to be half shark, and half crocodile. The shark part of the sub is mainly the subs body, from the deck to the lower part of the machine and from the spur to the helm. The crocodile part of the sub is the wheelhouse with two panels on each side of the structure so that the helmsman can navigate the sub with precision. Another distinctive feature is actually the salon. Although its smaller than the original Verne Nautilus, it is still pretty to see the artworks, the specimens and the organ. Also, Goff linked or combined the dining room and the library with the lounge, which made the Nautilus smaller than its original size.


 The Disney Nautilus proved to be some sort like the original Verne Nautilus but with some additional touches that made it a some sort up-to-date or a modern 19th century sub for the 50s viewers. Although the sub was some sort Sci-fi like and sharp with cool features like the lounge windows close-open spiral viewing system, the crocodile-like wheelhouse, is it still really something that is one of a kind. See diagrams.


         Nautilus power source and propulsion system


In the Verne novel, propulsion by means of electricity, a power source richly available to Captain Nemo and his crew, an ingenious power when it comes to underwater vessels (In fact, electricity was even used his WWII subs). As for the engine, and its mechanical components, I have little few information about it. In the movie, power was by means of the most powerful energy source harnessed by man, Nuclear energy. As for the movie engine, it seems that the propeller shaft, is turned by a series of pistons going up and down round and round. The propeller (or prop), is four bladed as said in the novel, but seems to be six bladed in movie.


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