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Das Modell!!

Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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There is just something about model submarines that you cannot do without, and that is of course, a U-boat model!  I remember surfing through webpages looking for an idea for my next project and wandering through cool looking U-boat models thinking that perhaps I'd get the chance build one one day.  Now that the U-52 project is in full swing, you just can't sit back and resist!  Anyways, here's the page where you'll get to see more of this boat in detail, I've also posted pictures along the way.

This U-boat model is built using the "bulkhead and plank" method that boat modelers tend to use.  The meaning of the term rest within its words, it's simple, a series of bulkhead are built according to plans of the actual boat and once they are connectted together, "planks" of balsa wood or other media can be used to cover-up the bulkheads, or what I call the "skeleton of the boat".  Fig 1.  Shows a diagram of this process:

However, since I was short on cash, I decided to pioneer a much cheaper alternative.  After obtaining plans of the boat on the internet, I decided to use corrugated cardboard instead of wood, just for the heck of it. 
After the skeleton of the boat was built, I then used polystyrene foam to create the "skin" of the U-boat.  Now the reason I chose this foam was purely because of its price (you can get a boat-load of the stuff from your local hardware store or the Home Depot or even from those cheaper foam trays used to carry meat when you buy something from the supermarket!) plus, it is flexible and sandable too.  So here's the cost tally so far:
Cardboard:  Nada, used boxes gotten from supermarkets for free.
Foam:  Cost of all the meat I ate (whatever that was).

Okay, now fast forward to two years (2007) after the first bulkhead was cut out and you now have this:


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