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U-52 Photos
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During my build-up of the model of U-52, and the research of the U-boat, I was faced with the hard task of finding pictures of the boat during its multiple wartime careers.  Up until recently, I thought that pictures were unavailble, luckily, this was not the truth.  The following pictures were sent to me by Dougie Martindale, Dougie also wrote an excellent reference on U-boat colours painted, which also aided me in making this boat as accurate as possible.  Thanks Dougie!

The black and white pictures below are taken by reporters and wartime German propaganda photographers or simply crew members of the boat or other personalities. 


(Above) This picture shows the boat at sea in its prewar period (before 1939) because of the distinctive numbers painted on the conning tower.  Note that after the war started, all U-boat number markings were generaly removed from their towers.


I had trouble figuring out which boat was the U-52 in the picture above, but I am sure that both cases are probable, the darkened boat shows a slight modification to the tower whereas the boat next to it has a tower that has a slightly different look, more details on the picture bellow. 


This picture above is one that greaty helped me in making the model of the U-52, it shows the boat having a tower with air intakes on the sides, (also called air trunkings).  You can see the men of the crew lined up on deck and the commander giving a salute.




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