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Leelan Lampkins' static Nautilus
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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Leelan built his static (display) Nautilus after the plans made by Greg Sharpe (Deep Sea Designs) and the Nautilus design of Ian Williams (his web can be reached at Michael Crisafully's site: Related Links), an unique combination as I might say!  -Photo Courtesy of Leelan Lampkins. 

Overall picture showing elevated ram

A most obvious feature to his Nautilus is probably the elevated ram at the front of the sub.  As many of us know, the Nautilus in 20000 Leagues has a cigar shaped body, thus Leelan based the position of his ram upon the ramming mark of one of the casualed ships hit by Nemo.

ram and front close-up

As you can see, on the side of the sub, the lounge panels are cut out, I'm still curious on the colour scheme of the sub and the deck details, the propeller is 4 bladed and an nice brass coloured one too!  More pictures below!

Picture of the bow before ram is glued

looking at the sub from sideways

Leelan told me he will keep me updated on his project, he is currently making the anchors to attach to his sub.  I'm still curious what he has up his sleeves!
-Thanks Leelan!

This is only a small amount of the pictures Leelan took. To see more, visit his site through My Related Links page.