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Russian Typhoon SSBN
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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 Hello again! On this page I will detail my attempts to repair one of my favourite submarines in my collections! Please check back often as I continue to update this page.

       Since this submarine was originally built by my cousin many years ago and given to me as a gift. Therefore, I cannot really take the title of its "builder". But during the summer of 2003, I've decided to take a risk and make her ready for sea again. Here's some pictures of the boat:


Above: overall picture of the Typhoon, showing torpedo tubes and the conning tower.


This is a very good picture showing the "missile deck", there are 20 tubes overall. as you can see, two tubes are opened.


Here's another picture showing the sub's deck and conning tower viewed from the top.

Interestingly, this sub might appear to be just "plain" but when I first holded it in my hands, I discovered that it had a really interesting bow planes and torpedo mechanism, here's how I described it: when the forward hydro-planes are retracted, the torpedo tubes in the front sticks out. I ain't firing or anything, but I think that it is a really nice feature for a sub this old. The mechanism is put together using a system of gears. Here's another picture showing the torpedoes closeup"


Please check back often as I continue to update on this project.

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