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Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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          When it comes to submarine motors, electric ones are probably the best choice. Simple electric motors come in two different types that I know of: AC and DC (more information will be provided about these topics soon).
  • Motor Basics:

          The simplest way you can identify a motor is that is has mainly a cynlindrical shape, the colours may vary, but we're not discussing that right now........ Motors have a shaft that leads to the propeller, hydroplanes, etc. And are power mainly by electricity provided by the batteries. On the back of the motor is usually the '+' (positive) and the '-' (negative) outlets, wires connecting to the motor are usually soldered (with a solding iron) onto these outlets. The speed and the power of the turning motor shaft usually depends on the kind of battery you use (NiCad or NIMH) and the kind of motors it is (AC or DC).


           As for the quality of the motor here is what I think that makes a good motor:

  • Reasonable size, not too big and not too small (that is depending on the size of the model)
  • Able to support its own weight.
  • Able to drive the boat forward at a reasonable speed.
  • Bought at a reasonable price, not too cheap and not too expensive in that case.
  • Compatible with the batteries you choose (6 Volts to 12 Volts should be powerful enough)
  • Appreciatable to the owner. Whether the owner is happy about the motor he/she bought.

If you think that these advices are helpful enough, please let me know.


           More on this later...........

If you have more information about this subject please Contact Me.

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