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Motor-Driven Sub Modelling
Captain Nemo's Nautilus
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          What are motor-driven subs? Well, these are model subs that can be bought from most hobby shops. They can range from all sizes and shapes, (depending on if the sub is whether made after an existing sub or fictional). they are easy to build, these subs involve little experience in electronics (I'm sure that any one can build one of these following the instructions properly), but if you want to have an accurate model, you might have to work on the outside a bit (hull, conning tower, etc.). So basically, they involve experience in motors, electronics, and scale model modelling. Plus, if you don't have ANY experience, in the topic of RC Subs, these might be a really good way to get you started in the hobby. Trust me, it's true! These subs can range from $20 to $45 in cost depending on the size (so these are a pretty good value!). Let's continue look at this topic: 


         The Academy Model Type IXB U-124 German U-boat is one of the most well know motor-driven boats in the market, it costs no more than 50$ US, and you can build one too! I've heard about people trying to convert one of these boats into an RC Sub and succeeding, there is room for RC Radio stuff, and I'll try to obtain plans for this to work.

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